The Queensland Orthopaedic Nursing Special Interest Group (QONSIG) had their first inaugural meeting on May 1989 and became an independent association in 1993.

The association operates with the following objectives

To be a resource group for advice and education on matters related to Orthopaedics and Orthopaedic nurses.
To promote the interests and activities of Orthopaedic Nurses.
To identify issues of concern to Orthopaedic Nurses and initiate action as necessary.

These objectives are met by the association in the following ways

Bi-monthly Executive Committee meetings to discuss current matters of interest and concern.
Bi-monthly Speaker meetings at various locations on varying topics of interest and concern, which includes an Annual General Meeting.
Bi-monthly distribution of meeting minutes and educational material to members.
Contact with the executive committee regarding available courses and conferences.
Annual Conference
Provision of scholarships for educational purposes
Affiliation with ANZONA (Australian New Zealand Orthopaedic Nurses Association)