President’s Report

Dear Members,

Well the 2019-2020 year is one we will not forget and to quote so many people it has been “unprecedented”. From our AGM in August 2019 to the present day we have had to become a committee of readjustment and change. We started the year with so many plans for 2019 and 2020 with workshops to be held in Toowoomba and Bundaberg and our Conference to be held in Brisbane in March 2020. We decided as a committee to cease the speaker nights and focus on short workshops to give our members the best opportunity at networking and accumulating CPD points. We also felt the Newsletter was something very important and informative that we could do for our members and share the specialized work that we do as Orthopaedic Nurses. Tallulah is our Editor-in-chief with Kath as her very able assistant and we thank them both for their tireless work with this project.

As 2019 came to an end we saw our member numbers increase due to the fantastic work being done to promote the Conference.  As the time for the Conference drew closer and developments of Covid-19 began to change our social distancing and meetings, sadly we had to put on hold our plans for workshops and the Conference. We did still manage to meet 4 times this year but like everyone else had to adhere to all the rules.

We have carried over our membership to 2021 with the re-planning of the Conference to March 2021. Our speakers are once again locked in and it looks like it will be an exciting program. Stay tuned for details related to the Conference. As a President my goal was always to achieve a membership of one hundred and thanks to the wonderful, tireless and enthusiastic committee, we now have one hundred and thirty-five members to date!!! We are part of ANZONA and I am proud to say we have the biggest membership of any of the 6 chapters. Well done everyone and stick with us as 2020-2021 is shaping up to be full of wonderful things to do.

In closing I would like to say a huge thank you to my wonderful committee. These women give up their time after a busy day at work, attend meetings, come up with amazing ideas and still have to go home and carry out these projects. I thank you for your support and never-failing enthusiasm. I hope that as a team we can see all our plans come to fruition in the year to come. I would encourage anyone who would like to join our QONSIG Committee to do so as many minds make brilliant ideas!

Stay safe out there.

Kind regards,

Sheila Gilritchie

President QONSIG 2019-2020

President’s Report

Dear Members,

I thought that the previous year was exciting and busy, but this year has surpassed it! Our Committee have done an amazing job. I would like to thank them for their enthusiasm, feedback, support, tireless hard work and new innovative ideas.

We have introduced our Newsletter, revamped our Facebook page, website, ticket purchasing for speaker nights to name but a few amazing changes. Our next big venture is to increase our numbers of members for the coming year and to plan the 2020 QONSIG Conference to be held at The Chancellor in Brisbane.

This past year we have had speaker night at SAWMH, TPCH, St Andrews Ipswich and St Vincent’s Northside. We ventured out to St Andrews Toowoomba for a morning workshop which was great fun and well attended. Toowoomba made QONSIG feel very welcome. We also assisted to help plan and organise a day workshop held and hosted at The Mater Hospital, Townsville. Once again, the Committee attended and had a great time networking with other Orthopaedic staff. Our two ventures far afield.

I would like to mention our friends at Mölnlycke, Cardinal Health, Abbot, and Covidien for their continued support and sponsorship with lovely suppers, nibbles and drink. Showing us their new and innovative products is always exciting.

I am sure many of you feel as I do that the year is disappearing before our very eyes but we still as a group have a lot to do and look forward to our to do list for the coming year. We look forward to our speaker nights, networking and venturing to new venues.

I would like to thank the outgoing committee once again for their tireless energy, attention to detail and wonderful support and friendship over the last year.

I am looking forward to our Conference and the year to come.


Sheila Gilritchie

QONSIG President 2018-2019