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 ANZONA (Australian New Zealand Orthopaedic Nurses Group)

‘The growth of ANZONA – From Little Things Big Things Grow’

The story of ANZONA has occurred over a 10-15 year span. ‘From little things big things grow’ exemplifies the success of ANZONA.

Financial members of QONSIG are automatically members of ANZONA

1997 NSW Orthopaedic Conference – suggestions made to form a National orthoapedic Nurses Group
2002 e-mail contact with each state and territory of Australia to seek interest in the formation of a National Orthopaedic Nurses body. First meeting held around a kitchen table in NSW with representatives from NSW, QLD, SA, VIC, WA and TAS present.
2003  1st formal meeting held at the QONSIG conference in Noosa – National body formation working party formed with Camille Dowling (QLD) as Chair.
2004  New Zealand joined the National body formation working party. ANZONA constitution and philosophy produced for review.
2005  1st ANZONA AGM and conference in Perth hosted by WAONA. ANZONA constitution and philosophy approved – Camille Dowling (QLD) President
2006  2nd ANZONA AGM and Conference in Canberra
2007  3rd ANZONA AGM and conference in Rotorua NZ – Kim Brooks (NZ) President
2009  4th ANZONA AGM and conference in Adlelaide SA – Cheryl Kimber (SA) President
2011  5th ANZONA AGM and conference Brisbane QLD – Shiela Gilritchie (QLD) incoming President


  • The AGM is held bi annually during the ANZONA conference
  • ANZONA delegates have a representative from each state and territory in Australia and North and South Island of New Zealand who attend teleconference and report back to each chapter.
  • Teleconferencing occurrs on a bi monthly basis between all committee members and chapter delegates of ANZONA
  • Production of a Bi Annual conference
  • Bi- Annual AGM